quarta-feira, 8 de abril de 2015

A little about Loricariidae...

Hey guys,

I'm here to write about the Loricariidae family, that is part of the Siluriformes order. In Brazil, fish of this family are known as Cascudo and are characterised by having bony plates covering their bodies, a ventral mouth with papillae on the lips and body characteristically depressed.

Photo from a great paper from our colleague Nathan Lujan.

This fish family has wide distribution in the neotropics and a great ecological importance, as they have a crucial role in nutrient cycling in neotropical aquatic ecosystems. In addition, they also have great socioeconomic importance. They are important food source for Amazonian communities and, with its exotic beauty, internationally used for ornamental purposes, as aquarium fish. However, this often represent a threat to these species due to overexploitation and international fish traffic of endangered species. In fact, the international trade of those and other Brazilian fish species are regulated by IBAMA, our environmental agency.

Now you all know a little more about those cute fish which we work. In others posts in this blog, we'll talk about some species that are part of our project. I hope you like this publication, till next post!

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