quinta-feira, 6 de agosto de 2015

A fish? A shark? A cat? Or a dog? Just call me Squali

Knock, knock.

Who is there?

Squaliforma emarginata.

Squali who?

Squaliforma emarginata, a fish of the Loricariidae family. Yes, I have this shark-ish name, but I am indeed a fish, more precisely a catfish

OMG, Squalidae is a family of dogfish sharks! What are you?

I am a catfish that looks like a dogfish shark.


There are around to 13 species of Squaliforma genus, all native from South America. This one was sampled in Manaus, Amazon state, Brazil for our work.

Among the fisherman in Manaus and in portuguese, this fish is known as "bodó de praia", which in a free translation would be "beach suckermouth armoured catfish". The popular name reflect the habit of this to live on sandy beaches along the banks of Solimões river.

The ''bodó de praia'' is trade as ornamental fish.

I hope you enjoyed! 

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