quinta-feira, 10 de outubro de 2013

First field trip for fish sampling

The first field trip for fish sampling for our project was a great success, total of 88 fish of 20 different species of Siluriformes. The sampling occurred from Oct 2 - 7 through the north of Rio de Janeiro State to the south of Espirito Santo State and involved a total of 8 people: a senior professor (Prof. Paulo Buckup), a senior biologist (Décio), a PhD student (Carla Quijada), a master student (Emanuel Neuhaus), a former student and great collector (José), two drivers (Manuel and Lustosa) and myself (Thiago).

Few moments before de departure. Stand up: Paulo, Thiago, Carla, Décio and Emanuel. Sited: José 
After a long time away from the field, I honored my graduate degree, reviving the field collection excursions, entering the rivers, rolling stones (literally!), organizing cast nets etc.

Lots of species we are working with are really beautiful, like the one on my hand in the photo below, others are very tiny (2 cm long) making our work harder.

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  1. Looks it was an amazing trip!! Loved the pics!! I've been away from the field for quite a while as well.. Its time to get back to Porto Alegre to get some golden mussels too!!