sábado, 30 de maio de 2015


Hey guys,

This week we (me and Paula) are participating of the RAIC (Annual Meeting of Undergraduate Students) at FIOCRUZ. It is the first time we take part on a meeting like that, in which undergrad students introduce their project to a committee that evaluate the 10 minutes student talk.
Last Friday (May 22), we attended the opening section. It was an interesting lecture about the differences of applied and basic research, and how importante it is to connect both.
We presented our work in the morning of May 28. I spoke about our sub-project with the endangered species Hypancistrus zebra (learn more about this species in our previous post), and Paula spoke about our work with the transcription machinery of Pterygoplichthys anisitsi (you will learn more about this in a near future post). Nonetheless, as in our section there was other three undergrads presenting their work, it was fantastic to hear about their projects, to know a little more about others areas, and what people think over our research.
We realised that not many researchers in our Institution are aware of the NGS potentialities. It is indeed an expensive method that demand a knowledge of bioinformatic that many people do not have (and, by the way, that we are learning). Two professors at our evaluation committee got interesting in this method and asked for our advisor email to exchange ideas. It was a nice and enriching experience.

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